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Of course, one thing is true that the higher grade your lock is, it is more difficult to break it with bump keys. So, it is highly advisable to use ‘ANSI Grade 1’ deadbolt locks or search for some varieties which features an extra pin for safety. Some of the vintage locks made with wise locking logic are also found to be bumping-proof. Even though you can expect a bit more security from such locks, it still remains a fact that most of the locks can be tackled with bump keys.

Bump key countering alternatives


Digital locks are much popular now, which are highly resistant to bump keys. Variety of locks with keyless entry are available now, but still beware that many of such keyless locks too have backup keys to use on having the digital mechanism failed. Major keyless lock variants are:


  • Fingerprint security: Most recently, biometric security systems are becoming popular, which can remember many fingerprints to approve access. There is a simple scanner on the lock and the lock will instantly open identifying the right inputs.


  • Push button locks: The locks can be custom coded on the lockset itself and the code combination can also be changed quickly and as frequently as possible. Without a key, the owner just aligns a 4 to 5 digit number combination to get the door.



  • Remote control locks: A simple fob with an ‘unlock’ button to open the lock and allow entry. It is similar to the keyless entry mechanism in modern cars.